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Block of the Week - Block 3 Friendship Star

Block of the Week - Block 3 Friendship Star

This week we will be doing Half Square Triangles (HSTs) to create a Friendship Star block. 

You will need 2 Fabric colors and a Background.

Fabric A - Color 1

Fabric B - Color 2

Fabric C - Background


Fabric A - Cut 2 – 5” squares

Fabric B - Cut 1 – 4 ½” square

Fabric C - Cut 2 – 5” squares

Fabric C - Cut 4 – 4 ½” squares


Using a a ¼” Marking tool (such as the Magic Wand by Studio 180) mark the sew lines on the wrong side of the Fabric C – 5” squares. (Note: you can also draw a diagonal line down the center and then sew ¼” on either side of that line)

Place the Fabric C squares from above, right sides together with the Fabric A – 5” squares. Sew on the drawn lines.

Cut the above squares apart down the diagonal in between your sew lines.

Press toward Fabric A. You will have 4 slightly oversized Half Square Triangles (HSTs).

 Trim the HSTs to 4 ½” square.

Complete the block by laying your HSTs and Fabric B and C squares as shown creating the star design.

Sew the blocks together into 3 rows and press seams toward Fabric C squares on top and bottom rows and press seams toward Fabric B square in the middle row.

Sew the 3 rows together to complete the block. Press seams in one direction.

Congratulations, you completed Block 3.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your block on the Ruth’s Stitchery Facebook page to be entered into January’s drawing.

Posted by Beth Spillane

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