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Block of the Week Block 12 Peach Cobbler

Block of the Week Block 12 Peach Cobbler

Week 12! This week we have some Half Square Triangles and we are adding some Square in a Square units to make the Peach Cobbler block. I grabbed a couple fabrics from the first months bundle to complete this block.

You will need 4 colors and a background

Fabric A - Color 1

Fabric B - Color 2

Fabric C - Color 3

Fabric D - Color 4

Fabric E - Background


Fabric A: Cut 8 - 3" squares 

Cut each of them apart on the diagonal

You will have 16 triangles.

Fabric B - Cut 2 - 5" squares

Fabric C - Cut 4 - 3 3/8" squares

Fabric D - Cut 1 - 4 1/2" square

Fabric E - Cut 2 - 5" squares


Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 2 Fabric E squares.

Place the Fabric B squares and the Fabric E squares from above right sides together. Sew a 1/4" away from the drawn line.

Cut apart on the line.

Press toward Fabric B, you will have 4 slightly oversized Half Square Triangles.

Trim the 4 Half Square Triangles to 4 1/2"

You are going to make 4 Square in a Square units. To make one, layout a Fabric C square and 4 of the Fabric A triangles as shown.

Start by finding the center of a Fabric A triangle and match with center of one side of Fabric C square and pin in place. Sew 1/4" seam. 

Do the same on the opposite side as shown.

Press toward the Fabric A triangles. Add antoher Fabric A triangle to a side of Fabric C square.

Add the 4th Fabric A triangle to the opposite side.

Press toward the Fabric A Triangles. You will have a slightly oversized Square in a Square. Repeat for the other 3 Square in a Square units.

Trim the Square in a Square units to 4 1/2".

Most importantly, make sure when you trim, you are leaving a 1/4" from the points of the center square in order to keep the seam allowance accurate.

You will have 4 - 4 1/2" Square in a Square units.

Layout the pieces of your block as shown below:

Sew into rows. 

Tip: When you sew, place the Square in a Square units on top, as shown below, so that you can make sure that your seam is sewing right through the intesection of the seam on your Square in a Square. This will assure that you are not cutting off the points of your Square in a Square units.

Press toward the Half Square Triangles.

Sew the rows together to complete your block. Press toward the middle row.

You did it! Week 12 and the Peach Cobbler block is done!

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Posted by Beth Spillane

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