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Block of the Week 44 Framed Roman Stripes

Block of the Week 44 Framed Roman Stripes

Week 44 block is Framed Roman Stripes. We will be strip piecing this block and I think you will enjoy the simplicity of this one. To be completely honest, its 'Framed' because I calculated wrong when I cut out my triangles. However I liked the way the frame looked so I left it. I will share with you how to cut so that you don't need a frame and then you can decide. 

I also show you different options of sewing this block together to give you a different look to the block.

You will need 4 colors and a background and an additional fabric for the frame.

Fabric A - Color 1

Fabric B - Color 2

Fabric C - Color 3

Fabric D - Color 4

Fabric E - Background


Fabric A - Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 20" and Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 10"

Fabric B - Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 20" and Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 10"

Fabric C - Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 20" and Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 10"

Fabric D - Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 20" and Cut 1 - 1 5/8" x 10"

Fabric E - Cut 2 - 7" squares


Take the 20" strips of Fabric A - D and lay them out in the order that you like. This is the order that I chose.

Sew these strips together and press the seams in one direction.

Do the same thing for the 10" strips. Make sure that you press the seams in the same direction that you pressed the 20" strip set.

This is where I calculated wrong. I used my 6 1/2" ruler to cut my triangles out of the strip sets. If you do not like the look of the frame, cut your triangles using 7" instead of 6 1/2".

Lay your 20" strip set on your cutting mat. Using a ruler, line the 45 degree line on the edge of the strip set (Fabric A strip) and cut out a triangle.

**You can see in the picture that I have about 1/4" gap at the bottom of the ruler to the edge of the strip set, this should have been my warning sign. If you use a 7" square to cut out your triangles, the ruler should go all the way across your strip set without any gap. Then you shouldn't need the frame around your block.

Cut along the edge of the ruler. Then flip your ruler to cut the next triangle as shown.

Flip the ruler again to get the 3rd triangle out of the strip set.

Use the 10" strip set to get the 4th triangle. Making sure you are cutting it the same as your second triangle from the 20" strip. 

You should have 2 triangles with your Fabric A as the longest strip and 2 triangles with your Fabric D as the longest strip.

Cut your Fabric E background squares in half on the diagonal.

Find the middle of the Fabric E triangles by folding the long edge in half and placing a crease in the fabric.

Do the same thing for one of your strip set triangles.

Lining up these center marks, place the strip pieced triangle right sides together with the Fabric E triangle and pin in place. (Note: if you use a 7" square to cut out your strip sets, it will be the same size as your background triangle.)

Sew together and press toward Fabric A (base of strip pieced triangle).

Repeat for the remaining triangles. When pressing, press toward Background E for the triangle sets with Fabric D as the base. 

Depending on which measurement you used to cut out your triangles will depend on the trimming at this point. I trimmed my squares to 6". If you used the 7" square to cut out your triangles, you will square them to 6 1/2".

Before sewing my squares together, I wanted to show you some options of how you could sew your squares together for a different look.

I chose to sew my squares together like this:

Sew the top 2 squares together and the bottom 2 squares together. Press seam open.

Sew the top and bottom together and press seam open. When I realized that my block was too small, I layed out fabrics to see what a frame around it would look like. I liked the look of using a light to medium frame around the entire block. 

If you are going to be framing yours, you will need to cut 2 - 1" x 11 1/2" and 2 - 1" x 12 1/2" strips.

Sew the 11 1/2" long strips to the sides of your block.

Press toward the frame.

Add the 12 1/2" frame strips to the top and bottom of the block.

Press toward the frame.

You have completed your Framed Roman Stripes (or not framed). Great job!

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Posted by Beth Spillane

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