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Block of the Week 32 Walking Arrows

Block of the Week 32 Walking Arrows

I wasn't sure what to call this week's block because I pulled from a couple different blocks to make this one. So I used 2 words from other blocks I pulled from and named it Walking Arrows. We are making Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, and an Hour Glass block. They will all be slightly oversized so you can trim them down to the correct size.

You will need 3 colors and a background

Fabric A - Color 1

Fabric B - Color 2

Fabric C - Color 3

Fabric D - Background


Fabric A - Cut 2 - 4" squares

Fabric B - Cut 4 - 4" squares

Fabric B - Cut 1 - 8" square

Fabric C - Cut 1 - 8" square

Fabric D - Cut 2 - 4" squares

Fabric D - Cut 1 - 7 1/2" square


Half Square Triangles:

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong sides of the 2 Fabric D 4" squares.

Place this Fabric D square right sides together with the Fabric A squares. Sew 1/4" from both sides of the drawn line.

Cut apart on the drawn line.

Repeat for the other Fabric A and D squares. Press toward Fabric A. You will have 4 oversized Half Square Triangles.

Trim these Half Square Triangles to 3 1/2".

Flying Geese:

Using a marking tool (like the Magic Wand) mark sew lines on the wrong sides of the 4 Fabric B 4" squares.

Place 2 of the Fabric B squares from above, right sides together onto the Fabric D 7 1/2" square as shown. (*note that the smaller squares are not lined up right on the edge of the large square, there is a very slight space left on the edge.)

Sew on the drawn lines.

Cut apart down the middle of your sew lines.

Press toward Fabric B. 

Take one of the remaining 2 Fabric B square and place on one of the units from above as shown.

Sew on the drawn lines and then cut apart.

Repeat these steps for the remaining Fabric B square. Press toward Fabric B. You will have 4 oversized Flying Geese.

Trim the Flying Geese to 3 1/2" x 6 1/2". 

Hour Glass:

Draw an X on the wrong side of both the Fabric B and C 8" squares.

Place the squares from above right sides together. Sew 1/4" away from both sides of one of the drawn lines.

Cut apart on the drawn line.

Press toward Fabric B. You have 2 large Half Square Triangles.

Place these Half Square Triangles right sides together making sure that the colors are opposite of each other (brown side onto a green side).

Sew 1/4" away on both sides of line.

Cut apart on drawn line. 

Press seam open. You will have 2 oversized Hour Glass blocks. You only need one of them.

Trim this Hour Glass block down to 6 1/2" square. (note: use the 45 degree line on your ruler to help keep your Hour Glass straight as you trim)

We are ready to lay out the pieces of our block. (I am showing you 2 layouts to choose from). I chose this one...

or you can do this...

Sew the pieces into rows. Press toward the Half Square Triangles and the center Hour Glass block.

Sew the rows together. I pressed these seams open for less fabric bulk.

We have completed the Walking Arrow block.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Don't forget to post your pictures on the Ruth's Stitchery Facebook page to be entered into our August drawing.



Posted by Beth Spillane

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